One piece, hand laminated, solid fiberglass hull and keel combined with our PolyCore® proprietary coring material for high deck strength and rigidity with a 10 year limited warranty.

+ Our Approach


Every aspect of every Island Packet yacht has been meticulously refined and developed to maximize performance and elegance for the cruising lifestyle.

+ First in Cruising®


Not only is every Island Packet yacht graced with elegant lines and cruising performance; many of these fine vessels have performed exceptionally in offshore racing and circumnavigation.

+ Offshore Cruising Records

  • Bob Johnson’s evolutionary approach to the design of his line has worked well for him. With its nipped transom profile and big swim step, the 370 is as up-to-date a full keeler as I think you will find.
    Sailing Magazine2004 Review
    Every design element and piece of gear and systems installation […] fulfills its builder’s stated mission: safe, comfortable cruising and long-term liveaboard use. For cruisers looking for a safe, solid, and secure boat in which to place their trust […] the Island Packet 420 won’t let them down.
    Sail, Top Ten Awards, February 2000
    It’s interesting to see how all the halyards and sheets are run through conduits, minimizing lines on the deck and leading back to Lewmar electric sheeting StoWinches, specifically designed for this boat. They work flawlessly…
    Canadian Yachting
    “It’s a solid boat that’ll have a 30-year life before you have to concern yourself with anything”. In these challenging times, for the lucky owners of the winning IP 460, that’s music to the ears.
    BOTY Judge Ralph Naranjo
    High fuel prices have caused many to evaluate a hybrid sail/power option and the SP Cruiser bridges the gap… it offers the ability to sail in comfort or easily cruise under power at 8+ knots. Island Packet’s formula has been to match the aspects of speed and comfort with performance, ‘sailability’ and safety… they have another winner for sure.
    Canadian Yachting
    The concept of the boat is absolutely excellent! It has no competition, serves a variety of uses and the layout is perfect! It is obvious that a lot of thought went into the planning – the hull is typical Island Packet. Heavy, strong, very well done and appealing to the eye.
    Bob Johnson knows his audience, and he plays to that audience very effectively. This [IP 460] is a very capable offshore cruising boat that hits its intended marks just perfectly.
    Ed ShermanBOTY Judge of the American Boat and Yacht Council
    Island Packet builds and stands behind an outstanding product – hands down. We consistently receive comments from other sailors/boaters complimenting the design, fit and finish, and obvious quality of craftsmanship. It is truly a joy to own.
    Rick Gentges, Owner of an IP380
    The 485’s 5-foot-3-inch draft and 63-foot-6-inch mast height make it as adept at exploring the Intracoastal Waterway as it is pointing its bow towards Tahiti.
    Cruising World Magazine
    Despite the fact this is a full-on cruiser, the numbers coming up on the readouts were still more than reasonable during our outing on Sydney Harbour. The 485 clocked eight knots in 14 knots true on a beam reach and five knots in nine knots true close-hauled, achieving close to 35-38˚ despite the light conditions.
    Cruising Helmsman MagazineAustralia
    Entering the pilothouse, you are completely overwhelmed by the bright interior… with plentiful headroom, lots of interior volume, great visibility and (believe it or not) easy handling both sailing and under power. It’s amazing how well you can trim and feel this boat from inside. It handles really well.
    Canadian Yachting
    The ride is as solid and comfortable as any boat I’ve ever experienced. We managed to average 7.4 knots over four and a half days at sea. This yacht is going to be the delight of my life.
    Ken Chatell, Owner of an IP40
    Any offshore navigator would love to call this nerve-center nav station home. There’s room to mount every imaginable electronic gadget, the varnished teak chart table is big enough to unfold a full-size chart, and there’s more than ample stowage. The decadently comfortable high-backed captain’s chair swivels, has arm rests, and is upholstered with UltraLeather. This was the best equipped nav station we saw this year. With its integral full keel, attached rudder, keel-stepped mast, superior systems installation, and top-notch craftsmanship, peace of mind comes standard with the purchase price. Sail handling gear and the cockpit layout were efficient, visibility from the helm was excellent, and the boat tracked beautifully.
    Sail, Bill Springer, March 2003Regarding the IP485
    Island Packets have proven to be strong, stable and sea kindly. They thrive offshore in difficult conditions and often out perform their inshore handicaps. Performance has also been outstanding, with more events having been won by Island Packets than by boats from any other builder.
    Cruising Rally Association
    The Island Packet 420 is strong in the straight-on cruising realm of sailing: large tanks, comfortable motion, easy to sail alone or as a couple, durable, forgiving in rough seas, a great galley and a trustworthy design concept.
    Blue Water Sailing, 'Genuine Long-Range Cruising', October 2002
    All in all, the SP Cruiser delivers!
    Canadian Yachting
    There’s a lot of sail on these boats with the cutter rig and it’s very easy to handle… it’s all done from right here in the cockpit. We never get out from under this cover. And we can go anywhere in the world.
    Jim Williams, Owner of an IP420
    Having a naval architect own a boatyard helps greatly in avoiding the common friction between designer and builder. At Island Packet, it’s most reassuring to see the knowledge, conscience, and concerns over seaworthiness, which are bred into a naval architect, win out over the judgment of the builder, whose opinions are too often compromised by the whims of the marketplace.
    Ferenc Máté, The World's Greatest Sailboats, Volume 2, 2003
    Cruising off the tip of Wales in a Force 7 with a confused sea, we had half the main out and with the engine at 1,000 rpm we were doing eight knots in a big sea. She is really seakindly. All other yachts had returned to port. We stayed out; dry, warm, and most importantly, safe.
    Ray PuttockOwner of an SP Cruiser
    Every feature of the boat is overbuilt. It was what we wanted. Very sturdy, the winches are heavier than most for about this size. Just the whole quality of construction, craftsmanship inside, the teak work is fabulous, seven feet of headroom. The cabins are huge, very good for people like us who want to sail with our kids of have friends along with us when we sail.
    John Selvaggio, Owner of an IP445
    Our Island Packet is well made, tough and exudes careful forethought. It’s comfortable, sea kindly and predictable, and in the long haul you’ll likely be in front of the pack (and loving every minute). We love being pampered and catered to by the builder, too. Our Island Packet is well made, tough and exudes careful forethought. It’s comfortable, sea kindly and predictable, and in the long haul you’ll likely be in front of the pack (and loving every minute). We love being pampered and catered to by the builder, too.
    Paul Turner, Owner of an IP40
    One of the reasons I chose an Island Packet 31 – and after that my IP350, which I own today – was that few, if any, comparable sizes offer such relatively shallow drafts.
    Ted Kline, Owner of an IP350
    A boat is often defined by its interior accommodation plan. An ocean voyager needs stowage and snug sea berths, while a family cruising coastwise wants open space to enjoy at anchor. It’s a rare designer who can blend a world cruiser hull with a short-hop interior, but that’s what designer Bob Johnson has done with the Island Packet Estero.
    SAIL Magazine2010 Review
    With calm seas and light winds we reported an 850 NM range at a cruise speed of 8.3 knots and nearly a 700 NM range at 9.1 knots. And if you dial her back to a sedate 7.3 knots, running efficiency hits a wallet-warming 16.8 mpg, with a range of nearly 3,000 nautical miles.
    Power & Motor Yacht
    The new IP465, which was launched last fall, is the latest Bob Johnson design to join the IPY fleet and carries in every molecule the genes that have been accumulating in IPY boats since the first 26 was launched. New boats in the line are not always revolutionary. They are often evolutionary refinements that are designed to better serve the cruising owner.
    Premier Cruising Boats of the World2008 Review
    System by system, our judges deemed this boat exemplary… the electrical system [is a] ‘work of art’… the plumbing is top-notch. [This is] a rugged boat engineered for people living at sea.
    Cruising World, Boat of the Year Awards, March 2000Regarding the IP420
    We cast off the jib and staysail furling lines, sheeted home the sails, and were off, reaching at an impressive 6.4 knots in only 11 knots of apparent wind. When the breeze later reached up to 15, we got 7.7 knots on the GPS. The 465 felt good, and the motion was subdued and easy.
    Cruising World Magazine2008 Review
    Despite the fact this is a full-on cruiser, the numbers coming up on the readouts were still more than reasonable during our outgoing on Sydney Harbour. The 485 clocked eight knots in 14 knots true on a beam reach and five knots in nine knots true close-hauled, achieving close to 35-38º despite the light conditions.
    Cruising Helmsman Magazine (Australia)Regarding the IP485
    The SP heeled only about five degrees, was stable and experienced no rolling whatsoever. This amount of heel in the conditions we experienced was very comfortable and far less than what you’d experience on a comparable cruising sailboat carrying full sail. The SP Cruiser performed well and offered a comfortable ride…
    The SP sails almost effortlessly. Could there be anything as easy – and as fuel efficient – as fully electric sail controls?!
    Power & Motor Yacht
    The US-built Island Packet is one of the world’s most sought-after luxury cruising yachts.
    Cruising Helmsman (Australia) March 2003
    Below the waterline there are new improved keel and foil shapes that only enhance the Island Packet’s legendary performance and steering characteristics. The rest of the story is still there – powerful, seaworthy performance over the whole range of wind conditions.
    Northwest Yachting, September 1998Regarding the IP380
    We looked at other comparably priced boats, so-called quality boats, but Island Packet exceeded them all… in their value… in what they offered and in their performance.
    Sonya Singmaster, Owner of an IP380
    Final analysis: This boat is an absolute gem. She handled everything thrown at her with grace and aplomb. We’ll go out there again so we can put into practice all the things we learned on this trip.
    Sandy Marsters, Owner Of IP350-140 "Skye"
    The SP has several innovative features that set it apart, like its ease of handling from the Hoyt equipped, self-tending jib and push button sheet control. And the forward cockpit is a great place to sail the boat with the aid of a hand-held autopilot remote. The boat is easy for a lone watch stander to handle and will be both economical to power and fun to sail.
    Blue Water Sailing
    I would have nothing but an Island Packet. It’s a very forgiving boat and very easy to control, with everything handled from inside the cockpit. I also love the way the boat sails. I’ve passed plenty of boats in my 380 and I’m not a great sailor.
    Charlie Singmaster, Owner of an IP380
    Such good light air performance should convince sailors that ‘full keel’ does not mean slow.
    Sail Magazine
    We chose the right day to test the SP, when a cold northerly breeze gusting to around 20 knots made the prospect of sailing from inside rather appealing. There’s no outside helm position and you don’t miss it, even when maneuvering, because all-round visibility is excellent. The SP Cruiser made me want to sail away for a week or more… this is going to prove to be a very clever and successful piece of design.
    Practical Boat Owner MagazineUnited Kingdom
    When the breeze gusted above 15 knots we topped 7 knots. The helm was light. Steering a full-keel boat takes a bit of adjustment, you don’t need to make quick changes. Once you find the groove the boat tends to stay in the groove. Bringing the boat hard up on the wind, I was impressed by the soft motion.
    Sail MagazineRegarding the IP Estero
    As with all this builder’s boats, the detailing is excellent, with thoughtful innovations for stowage and everyday living. Nobody builds better systems than this, so a cruiser should have no worries about electrical and plumbing failures away from the world of marinas.
    Tom Dove, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, February 2003
    The new Island Packet 360 does a lot of things well. She is a capable ocean sailing boat with excellent accommodation for living aboard. She is built to the highest standards and carries ABYC and CE offshore ratings. If you are looking for a handy, mid-size blue water boat that is also a lot of fun to sail, the new 360 should definitely be on your list. Take her sailing and you won’t look back.
    Blue Water Sailing Magazine2012 Review
    For those who are sailing far afield, this hull shape will take a grounding better than a fin keel design (and) will better protect the rudder and propeller.
    Blue Water Sailing MagazineRegarding the IP360
    Here we are off the tip of Wales in a Force 7 with a confused sea […] We had half the main out and with the engine at 1,000 rpm’s we were doing eight knots in a big sea. She is really sea kindly. All other yachts had returned to port but we stayed out – dry, warm and, most importantly, safe.
    Ray Puttock, Owner of SP Cruiser (Hull 14) “Jarrow Lily”