Yet More Extremely Busy Beaches!

From the Sailing Blog of S/V Cielo

“June 21st, 2022, We’ve had an amazing sail today to Burnett heads near Bundaberg. Early start to make the most of the tide and got in around 1pm. We ran the watermaker all morning and made over 80 litres so really happy with that. Still got some air getting in somewhere when we flush the system after running it though. Later we are catching up for a drink with our friends (finally it’s been a year since we have seen them) on their boat. And then an early start tomorrow to head out to Lady Musgrave as the weather is looking good to go out on the reef. It’s the furthest part south of the great barrier reef. If it’s not any good, the forecast is for great sailing conditions so we will make the most of it either way.

June 24th, 2022, A few days ago we left Burnett Heads around 3am and sailed all the way to Lady Musgrave Island. It was spinnaker sailing most of the way and we got there just before 1pm. LMI is a Coral Cay – basically a reef in a ring with an 6-8m anchorage in the middle and a little island on which terns and noddies nest. The sun was right overhead so we had clear visibility to avoid any bommies on the way in. We went for a walk around the island after a very choppy dinghy ride and the next day we went snorkelling at the reef and saw sharks and a bunch of colourful fishies. We left there early yesterday and had great sailing all day again. We intended to head to heron island but ended up at mast head island as it was closer. It was so rolly and when the tide turned the anchor and chain was making the boat spin around again so we up anchored and have been making our way overnight to the Keppels.

June 25th, 2022, After getting into Great Keppel Island earlier we had a bit of a sleep catch up then went for a walk on the island taking a picnic with us. There are about 40 boats anchored here! We had a little explore in the dinghy but there isn’t a lot of coral nearby for snorkelling so we landed and walked over to butterfish bay and wreck bay from the bay we are anchored in. Packed Australian beaches as usual (not). It was great to stretch legs as I don’t think we’ve had a decent walk since the Gold Coast! We saw butterflies 🦋 and some birds that look remarkably like a type of peacock.

June 27th, 2022, Yet more extremely busy beaches! Oh, the crowds. We took another walk on the island inland to the resort on the western side – about 6kms. Rewarded ourselves with icecream and a drink and then walked back via the shore which often involved scrambling over rocks. It was low tide so worth exploring. We found more goats and lizards and a little crab. Temperature about 21 degrees and sunny. Expecting a big blow tomorrow so just checking our anchor is set and we have enough chain out.