Island Packet Yachts have long been known for their excellence and value.  Under new ownership since January 2017, our commitment to these standards has only increased, as evidenced by Island Packet Yachts’ winning of Cruising World Magazine’s 2019 Boat of the Year Award for our 349 model, and 2021 Boat of the Year Award for our 439 model!

Rebuilding A Legend

Upon taking over the company, the Allen’s and their investors undertook an immediate effort to substantially reduce overhead by consolidating 2 facilities into one. This move, along with being debt free and having our very small executive team wear many hats, allowed us to lower prices while maintaining and even increasing excellence. Having been on the retail side of things as Island Packet Dealers, the Allen’s recognized the need for competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Next Generation Materials

A New Island Packet Yachts

We are no longer a production boat company. Our goal is not to build our boats to a price point, instead, we build the best boat possible at a great value. We do not build hundreds of boats each year. Our team of master craftsmen treats each yacht as a custom piece of art. As a result, the market is not flooded with used models, and Island Packet Yachts’ retains their value in a manner unrivaled by other brands. When you start with the highest quality components, those components wear well over time, and our owners are known for meticulous and diligent care of their boats.

Superior Quality AND Value

We are proudly featured in Ferenc Mate’s book, “The World’s Best Sailboats II”. Of our peers in this book, Island Packet Yachts is clearly the best value in terms of price. This is just another example of Island Packet’s leadership in value throughout the sailing industry as a whole.