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Racing Results

Choosing the right sailing yacht for offshore cruising is exciting. While Island Packet is not a racing yacht per se, we’re honored to be counted among the competition’s best. However, what really floats our boat is how we impact the enjoyment and eventual success of your voyages.

IP 38s


IP 38 (#024)

Harvest Moon Regatta - 2013

1st in Division M

Non-Spinnaker Cruising Fleet

2nd in Cruising Fleet

Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker Fleet


Skipper Phil Pierce

IP 40s


IP 40 (#126)

Charleston-Bermuda Race - 2005

1st in Class, 3rd Overall


Jack Wood

IP 45s


IP 45 (#007)

Newport to Bermuda Race - 2010

1st in Class, 4th Overall

"Laura B"

Joseph and Randa Triggs

IP 380s


IP 380 (#164)

Regata Del Sol Al Sol - 2007

1st in Class, 2nd Overall


Steven Higger

IP 380 (#164)

Regata Del Sol Al Sol - 2005

1st in Class


Steven Higger

IP 420s


IP 420 (#73)

Regata Del Sol Al Sol - 2005

1st in Class


Mitch Massie

IP 420 (#39)

Regata Del Sol Al Sol - 2005

1st in Class

"Southern Cross"

Ryan Cox

IP 440s


IP 440 (#04)

Regata Del Sol Al Sol - 2006

1st in Class, 3rd Overall


William & Trisha Hayes

IP 440 (#035)

Harvest Moon Regatta - 2013

1st in Division CS-E

Cruising Spinnaker Fleet


Skipper Randy Pike

IP 485s


IP 485 (#041)

Bermuda Ocean Race - 2012

1st in Class

"Island Chariot"

John and Julie Rahm


New developments in design and technology aside, circumnavigation is not an easy task. Sailing the world is still far more than just setting the autopilot and enjoying a drink. Below are our top three thoughts for success.


1--- Spend as much prep and planning time as possible. Write everything down. Make itemized lists and check them off.

2 --- Go with the current and the winds, you’ll stay within the bandwidth of good weather.


3 --- Lastly, focus on and pick the right seakind AND seaworthy yacht for your travels. This will increase your comfort and could literally save your life one day.

IP 35s


IP 35 (#70)


Mike and Jill Crew

Winter 1991 – Fall 1997

IP 35 (#02)


Art and Sandy Pond

Winter 1991 – Summer 1996

IP 35 (#058)

"Pacific Star"

Horst and Julia Wolff

Fall 2007 – Spring 2013

IP 35 (#25)


Andre Homem de Mello

Continuous Solo Circumnavigation

9/30/01 – 4/13/02

IP 38s


IP 38 (#10)

"Happy Cs"

Herb and Ruth Crawford

Fall 1988 – Summer 1994

IP 38 (#63)


Tom and Bonnie Menaker

Winter 1988 – Spring 1993

IP 38 (#109)


Jim and Marita Hofferberth

Spring 1994 – Summer 2001

IP 38 (#139)

"September Song"

Jim and Diane Carlin

Winter 1996 – Spring 2002

IP 38 (#138)


Bill and Amy Betts

Winter 2007 – Fall 2013

IP 40s


IP 40 (#58)


Rob and Dee Dubin

Spring 1995 – Winter 2011

IP 40 (#61)


Mike and Amy Smith
and children Dani, Jaye and Kegan

Summer 1997 – Fall 1999

IP 45s


IP 45 (#03)

"Dream Catcher"

Bruce and Mary Carol Senay

Fall 1997 – Summer 2002

IP 350s


IP 350 (#008)


Henry Holt

Winter 2000 – Winter 2008

IP 380s


IP 380 (#058)


Chuck and Alexis Lynn Evans

Summer 2004 – Spring 2013

IP 465s


IP 465 (#002)

"At Last"

Mark and Janet Gorrell

Spring 2010 – Spring 2013

IP 485s


IP 485 (#016)


Bob and Nancy Bush

Winter 2004 – Winter 2014


We love Awards and accolades! They bring pride and joy to our team of design and engineering experts. However, our number one goal is a happy customer. A customer who is always safe, comfortable, and enduring.

CE Category A Ocean

CE Category A 'Ocean'

Island Packet Yachts are rated at the highest recognized standards of quality and safety.

NMMA Certified

NMMA Certified

Island Packet Yachts participates in the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association certification program.


SP Cruiser 2007 International Boat Show

Innovation Award for Sailboats

SP Cruiser 2007 International Boat Show


Marine Industry CSI Award

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Marine Industry CSI Award for ‘03, ‘04, ‘05, ‘07 and ‘08


Cruising World Magazine Awards

Best Midsize Cruiser Under 38 feet

Best Midsize Cruiser Under 38'

IP 349

Awarded 2019

Domestic Boat of the Year

Domestic Boat of the Year

IP 349

Awarded 2019


Best Midsize Cruiser 39 to 41 feet

Best Midsize Cruiser 39'-41'

Blue Jacket 40

Awarded 2014


Domestic Boat of the Year

Domestic Boat of the Year

Blue Jacket 40

Awarded 2014


Best Midsize Cruiser

IP Estero

Awarded 2010

Overall Winner

IP 460

Awarded 2009


Best Long Distance Cruiser

IP 460

Awarded 2009



Sail Magazine Awards

Best Accommodations

IP Estero

Awarded 2010

Award for Innovation

SP Cruiser

Awarded 2007