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Legacy & Vision




And Yours

Island Packet began in 1979 with the vision of Naval Architect, Bob Johnson. He started off modestly, building a 27-footer, but he had big dreams. He built the company to into an industry powerhouse, focused on superior quality and safety, as well as comfort and livability. The exclusive Full Foil Keel he developed has provided a benchmark of stability, seaworthiness, and performance.

Island Packet Yachts has created benchmark standards and built over 2,500 yachts. Our owners are part of a group of enthusiastic sailors, who are proud to be part of the Island Packet family.

The loyalty of our owners is legendary and unrivaled, and for good reasons. With excellent customer service, a three-year “stem to stern” warranty and extended 10-year coverage on hull and deck combined with many active owners groups and numerous regional rendezvous held each year, it is no wonder they are such an enthusiastic group.

From the beginning, every yacht has been built with premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and vigilant manufacturing controls.

This is our legacy and we are moving it forward today in big ways.



In January of 2017, Darrell and Leslie Allen took ownership of the company, and it became Island Packet and Seaward Yachts. The Allen’s have a long history with Island Packet as the dealer in San Diego, CA, for over 25 years. Their love for the brand and the owners drove them to take on the challenge of moving this iconic sailboat line forward by building the next generation Island Packet.

With a deep respect for the ideals of the brand and its founder, Bob Johnson, the Allen’s and their investors set a course to take the traditions of the past and advance them in new and exciting ways, utilizing their retail experience.

They started with just 13 employees and today, are at over 50 with many return craftsmen from the past. The average employee has over 20 years of experience building Island Packets!

The vision for the future is in full swing with the introduction of the new Island Packet 349. “Our goal is to provide innovation and customization that has never before been available at Island Packet” said Darrell Allen.

From interior configuration options to the choices of woods, Corian colors, gelcoat color, and sink sizes, we are truly committed to building YOUR Island Packet.