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The World's Best Sailboat
By Guest Blogger
Mar 2019

At Island Packet, when they talk a lot about cruising comfort and livability, they mean a boat with a gentle, comfortable, less fatiguing motion. This in turn improves safety, and—because of lack of fatigue—a more rested and alert crew. Their is that every boat should have the following key features: for a start, a comfortable, seakindly motion and an easily manageable sail plan; in plain English, a cutter rig as on most singlehanded round-the-world racing boats. So, on Island Packets, furling sails—main included—are standard equipment. Next, apart from the protected propeller and rudder, they build a bullet-proof steering system, meaning rack and pinion—no cables, no pulleys, no chains. And they are adamant about the need for a recessed foredeck for safe work and immediate anchor access, because for them, an anchor is a piece of safety gear.

With these ideals and very high-quality workmanship in a line of boats based on common sense and simplicity, their boats have kept their value very well over the years.

Read full article here.

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