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A Nimble Take on a Rock Solid Cruiser
By Guest Blogger
Mar 2019

After a successful showing of our new Island Packet 349 at the 2018 Annapolis Boat Show, we had the opportunity to take the 349 out for a test with SAIL Magazine Executive Editor, Adam Cort.

Initially, we were disappointed as we set out because there was very little wind. We soon realized this was actually a blessing and gave us an opportunity to show off her light-air performance. As Adam said, "Island Packets are not exactly renowned for their light-air performance. Ah, Yes. But that was before the advent of the new Solent rig."

"At one point we actually found ourselves drag-racing a similarly sized lightweight European model and coming out the winner."

All in all we had a great day and Adam "liked the boat a lot".

Read Adam's entire review.