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We Are Island Packet Yachts




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From our Full Foil Keel® with protected prop and rudder, to our roller furling cutter rig or Solent rig with Hoyt® boom, each aspect of every Island Packet has been carefully designed and built to maximize the safety and pleasure of the cruising lifestyle. Exclusive design features, proprietary material technologies, unmatched resale values and award winning customer service all combine to make Island Packet the benchmark for cruising yachts. Each Island Packet model is the result of the consistent application and continuing evolution of this philosophy, and this how Island Packet has grown to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of cruising yachts since its founding in 1979.

This worldwide recognition stems from a company that has always been proudly American owned with our yachts designed and built in Largo, FL.

At Island Packet we understand that the definition of ‘performance’ in the cruising context goes well beyond boat speed and must include safe, simple, predictable, and seakindly handling as well. That is why every model from Island Packet Yachts is designed, engineered, and built to meet these exacting requirements. Each model embodies a host of proven design and construction features that have evolved from years of boat building experience and feedback from thousands of our experienced owner fleet who have sailed the world in a variety of conditions. Our yachts also have an impressive track record of performance, as evidenced by countless wins in offshore races and regattas throughout the United States and Europe.

Now, under new ownership, we are taking the traditions of our past and combining them with the new innovations and customization options the modern new boat buyer seeks.



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Over 40 years of continuous development and refinement in design, materials technology and build quality have made Island Packet Yachts the international benchmark for excellence in cruising sailboats. Some of the core features that people have come to expect are:


Today we are adding an increased focus on innovation and customization to take our boats forward into the next generation of Island Packets. We want to build YOUR Island Packet.
Just a few of the options include:

We are also focused on our commitment to using the best materials we can build or buy, such as the use of all Harken deck hardware, Edson pedestals and much more!


A Legend


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Island Packet Yachts have long been known for their excellence and value.  Under new ownership effective January 2017, our commitment to these standards has only increased.

Upon taking over the company, the Allen’s and their investors undertook an immediate effort to substantially reduce overhead by consolidating 2 facilities into one. This move, along with being debt free and having our very small executive team wear many hats, allowed us to lower prices while maintaining and even increasing excellence. Having been on the retail side of things as Island Packet Dealers, the Allen’s recognized the need for competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Today, we are building our yachts using the best materials we can build or buy including:

We are not a production boat company. Our goal is not to build our boats to a price point, instead, we build the best boat possible at a good value. We do not build hundreds of boats each year. Our team treats each yacht as a custom piece of craftsmanship. As a result, the market is not flooded with used models and thus our boats retain their value in a manner unrivaled by other brands. When you start with quality components, these components wear well over time and our owners are known for meticulous and diligent care of their boats.

We are proudly featured in Ferenc Mate’s book, “The World’s Best Sailboats II”. Of our peers in this book, Island Packet Yachts is clearly the best value in terms of price. This is just another example of Island Packet’s leadership in value throughout the sailing industry as a whole.