Another Lovely Sunset

From the Sailing Blog of S/V Cielo

“June 6th, 2022, We’ve had a cracking overnight sail although still have a few hours to go.

The wind picked up to 20 knots although we saw gusts of 27 at times but our sails were reefed so no issues and we were still making excellent progress. The sea was a bit choppy at times but this eased when we came closer to shore. We rounded Cape Byron around 2am.

The sunset last night was stunning and the sunrise this morning was very similar!

June 7th, 2022, We’ve arrived at the Gold Coast!

Total sailing time from Coffs was around 29 hours plus 1.6 hours of motoring which was really just getting into the GC Seaway.

After breakfast the wind picked up so we were able to sail nearly all the way – what a bonus! It’s a bit chilly here but I love the weather forecast – due to be sunny all week!

June 8th, 2022, Another lovely sunset.

 Tee shirt weather during the day. Laundry done. Provisioning done. Work stuff done.

A couple of boat jobs to get parts for including an issue with air getting into the fresh water hose which makes showers difficult.