SP Cruiser MK 2

Certified Quality

Each of our cruising yachts possess key features all available only on an Island Packet. From the Full Foil Keel® technology to the advanced PolyCore® deck, our yachts meet the highest standards of quality.

+ Key Features

Advanced Design

Island Packet stands above all other sailboat builders for its independent development of proprietary materials technologies, best-in-industry warranty coverages and decades of corporate leadership contributions to the industry.

+ In A Class By Itself™

  • It’s interesting to see how all the halyards and sheets are run through conduits, minimizing lines on the deck and leading back to Lewmar electric sheeting StoWinches, specifically designed for this boat. They work flawlessly…
    Canadian Yachting
    Cruising off the tip of Wales in a Force 7 with a confused sea, we had half the main out and with the engine at 1,000 rpm we were doing eight knots in a big sea. She is really seakindly. All other yachts had returned to port. We stayed out; dry, warm, and most importantly, safe.
    Ray PuttockOwner of an SP Cruiser
    All in all, the SP Cruiser delivers!
    Canadian Yachting
    The SP heeled only about five degrees, was stable and experienced no rolling whatsoever. This amount of heel in the conditions we experienced was very comfortable and far less than what you’d experience on a comparable cruising sailboat carrying full sail. The SP Cruiser performed well and offered a comfortable ride…
    We chose the right day to test the SP, when a cold northerly breeze gusting to around 20 knots made the prospect of sailing from inside rather appealing. There’s no outside helm position and you don’t miss it, even when maneuvering, because all-round visibility is excellent. The SP Cruiser made me want to sail away for a week or more… this is going to prove to be a very clever and successful piece of design.
    Practical Boat Owner MagazineUnited Kingdom
    With calm seas and light winds we reported an 850 NM range at a cruise speed of 8.3 knots and nearly a 700 NM range at 9.1 knots. And if you dial her back to a sedate 7.3 knots, running efficiency hits a wallet-warming 16.8 mpg, with a range of nearly 3,000 nautical miles.
    Power & Motor Yacht
    High fuel prices have caused many to evaluate a hybrid sail/power option and the SP Cruiser bridges the gap… it offers the ability to sail in comfort or easily cruise under power at 8+ knots. Island Packet’s formula has been to match the aspects of speed and comfort with performance, ‘sailability’ and safety… they have another winner for sure.
    Canadian Yachting
    Island Packets have proven to be strong, stable and sea kindly. They thrive offshore in difficult conditions and often out perform their inshore handicaps. Performance has also been outstanding, with more events having been won by Island Packets than by boats from any other builder.
    Cruising Rally Association
    Entering the pilothouse, you are completely overwhelmed by the bright interior… with plentiful headroom, lots of interior volume, great visibility and (believe it or not) easy handling both sailing and under power. It’s amazing how well you can trim and feel this boat from inside. It handles really well.
    Canadian Yachting
    The SP has several innovative features that set it apart, like its ease of handling from the Hoyt equipped, self-tending jib and push button sheet control. And the forward cockpit is a great place to sail the boat with the aid of a hand-held autopilot remote. The boat is easy for a lone watch stander to handle and will be both economical to power and fun to sail.
    Blue Water Sailing
    The SP sails almost effortlessly. Could there be anything as easy – and as fuel efficient – as fully electric sail controls?!
    Power & Motor Yacht