News and Reviews

by Bob Johnson, NA
Founder and Engineer of Island Packet Yachts

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by Duncan Kent
Published 2012

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by Nico Caponetto
Published 2010

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Best in Show
Published 2009

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Published 2009

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Island Packet Wins Two Top Industry Awards
Published 2008

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Certified Quality

Each of our cruising yachts possess key features all available only on an Island Packet. From the Full Foil Keel® technology to the advanced PolyCore® deck, our yachts meet the highest standards of quality.

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Advanced Design

Island Packet stands above all other sailboat builders for its independent development of proprietary materials technologies, best-in-industry warranty coverages and decades of corporate leadership contributions to the industry.

+ In A Class By Itself™

  • Bob Johnson’s evolutionary approach to the design of his line has worked well for him. With its nipped transom profile and big swim step, the 370 is as up-to-date a full keeler as I think you will find.
    Sailing Magazine2004 Review
    Island Packets have proven to be strong, stable and sea kindly. They thrive offshore in difficult conditions and often out perform their inshore handicaps. Performance has also been outstanding, with more events having been won by Island Packets than by boats from any other builder.
    Cruising Rally Association