Island Packet 360

SAIL Yacht Review

Review of the IP 360 by Tom Dove of SAIL Magazine.

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Certified Quality

Each of our cruising yachts possess key features all available only on an Island Packet. From the Full Foil Keel® technology to the advanced PolyCore® deck, our yachts meet the highest standards of quality.

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Advanced Design

Island Packet stands above all other sailboat builders for its independent development of proprietary materials technologies, best-in-industry warranty coverages and decades of corporate leadership contributions to the industry.

+ In A Class By Itself™

  • When the breeze gusted above 15 knots we topped 7 knots. The helm was light. Steering a full-keel boat takes a bit of adjustment, you don’t need to make quick changes. Once you find the groove the boat tends to stay in the groove. Bringing the boat hard up on the wind, I was impressed by the soft motion.
    Sail MagazineRegarding the IP Estero