Island Packet 360

SAIL Yacht Review

Review of the IP 360 by Tom Dove of SAIL Magazine.

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Certified Quality

Each of our cruising yachts possess key features all available only on an Island Packet. From the Full Foil Keel® technology to the advanced PolyCore® deck, our yachts meet the highest standards of quality.

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Advanced Design

Island Packet stands above all other sailboat builders for its independent development of proprietary materials technologies, best-in-industry warranty coverages and decades of corporate leadership contributions to the industry.

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  • For those who are sailing far afield, this hull shape will take a grounding better than a fin keel design (and) will better protect the rudder and propeller.
    Blue Water Sailing MagazineRegarding the IP360
    The new Island Packet 360 does a lot of things well. She is a capable ocean sailing boat with excellent accommodation for living aboard. She is built to the highest standards and carries ABYC and CE offshore ratings. If you are looking for a handy, mid-size blue water boat that is also a lot of fun to sail, the new 360 should definitely be on your list. Take her sailing and you won’t look back.
    Blue Water Sailing Magazine2012 Review